Wind Shadows, the documentary project, is about the collision course of humans, wildlife, and livestock on the Kenya plains. Wind Shadows calls for action against the environmental degradation of Kenya’s Central Rift Valley.
• Business and government have hatched schemes to exploit Kenya’s dwindling resources – its water, forest and wildlife. With population expansion, people compete for precious farmland.
• But crops fail year after year, so poaching and deforestation continue. Many species have already disappeared. Rivers are running dry, as watershed forest are chopped and burned.
• Can environmentalists convince government and business to reverse the damage and embrace an enlightened land policy?

Many people gave generous assistance in the production of this film,  and our thanks go to:

  • Green Belt Movement Founder: Wangari Maathai
  • African Wildlife Foundation:  Dr. Philip Muruthi,  Ms. Kathleen Fitzgerald  and Mr. John Giza
  • Kenya Land Conservation Trust: Mr. Julian Fennessy
  • Kenya Wildlife Service:   Nakuru National Park: Dr. Bernard Kuloba, Mr. Samuel Andanje
  • Nakuru Wildlife Conservancy:  Mr. Ambrose Njagih and staff
  • Delamere Estates: Mr. Tom Cholmondeley
  • Soysambu Conservancy:  Ms. Kathryn Coombs, Ms. Monica E. Njeri and Mr. Duncan Ouko
  • Mbaruk Village: Mr. Amos Mara Mwangela
  • Ecobushman International Expedition: Mr. Isaac Ouma
  • University of Kenyatta: Professor Michael Boit, Bronze Medalist – Munich Olympics, Ex-Minister of Sports, Professor of Physiology
  • Bristol University: PhD Candidate, Zoe Muller.  Rothschild Giraffe Project
  • Africa Partnership Advisors: Pete Ondeng
  • Kenya Forest Service:  Mr David K. Mbugua, Mr. Raphael Mworia
  • African Conservation Centre: David Western
  • Mt. Suswa Conservation Trust: Mr. Johnson ole Sipitiek
  • Nature Kenya: Dr. Deborah Nightingale
  • Bongo Committee: Nigel Carmelley
  • Eburru Forest: Mr. Joseph Kamondo
  • Dr. David Nkedianye
  • Kiboko Primary School Mr. Bob Kazungu
  • Ndabibi Primary and Secondary Schools: Mr. Peter Njoroke Munyente, Mr. Samuel M. Munuhe, Mr. Josphat Njoroge Malharia
  • Center for Pastoralist Development (CEPAD): Mr. Andrew Ole Koisamou
  • Mawe Mbili Ltd.:  Jean-Francois Damon, Jacqueline Damon, Valerie Damon, Stephane Perrier